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Libo Group is a Leading Marketing, Sales and Distribution Company. It carries out the distribution of consumer`s and hygiene products both on the entire territory of Georgia, as well as outside its borders, Company keeps its position in the field of sales since the establishment.   

Libo Group cooperates with various partner companies whose products are the leading brands of the world market. Among these are companies such as: Ontex Global, Slobozhanski Soap Boyler, Ergopack, Pakshoo Industrial Group, Sarantis and others .

The Company was founded in 2003, initially its activities were only in the Capital. Soon the young and creative team expanded the area of action. All regions of the country were covered by the Company and it has gone even the overseas. Now it is a modern and European company trusted by the leading brands of the world as their exclusive distributor in Georgia.




Libo Group aims to provide consumers with the world brand products, as well as realizing qualified distribution based on the idea of effective and high standard service, Where it is important that the task set out completed 100%, based on the quality and high standards, relying on the efforts and principles of team spirit, where each detail is important and noteworthy.