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Libo Group is one of the leading distributors in the country with the market cover model, allocating all the leading trading spots in the entire country. Cooperation is carried out through an organized structure designed to satisfy the requirements of a particular market line.

These lines include pharmaceutical, large and medium hypermarkets chains, including – Carrefour, Clean House, Nikora, Spar, PSP, Aversi, Impex, GPC, Pharmadepot and others. Small trade spots and fairs are also worth mentioning.

In terms of cooperation, the Sales Group creates different strategies for specific lines, taking into account their peculiarities and opportunities that ultimately guarantees effective service and satisfaction.

Libo Group's qualified Sales and Marketing Team eagerly cooperates with each trade spots, uses a joint business plan, develops a portfolio, provides effective merchandising of a wide range of products, all this eventually deliver products to the costumers and increase sales.