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Nothing reveals a man's character as much as what perfume he uses. In the various products of STR8, which just entered the Georgian market, you will find the desired aroma for men of any taste, saturated with elegant and masculine scents that emphasize your masculine charm. 

STR8 is a European brand produced in Greece. Its coverage area extends to Europe and Asia. From 2020, it appeared on the Georgian market, the official distributor of which in Georgia is the company Libo Group. Due to its high credibility and leading position in the field of sales, the company Libo Group successfully promotes the brand, as well as its distribution throughout Georgia.

STR8 products are not only distinguished by their fragrant aromas, but also by the design of the packaging, which will not leave you indifferent and the first thing that comes in your mind at the time of choosing a gift for a friend's man will be str8. The source of inspiration for its creation is a combination of masculine strength, charisma, and elegance, which combines several basic aromas:  Original, Red Code, Rise, Faith, Ahead, Live True & Hero.

If you are looking for sharp and impressive notes, you will be interested in STR8 Ahead, created with sharp notes of bergamot and cedar, with a gentle aroma of vanilla in the heart. For lovers of cool notes, I recommend STR8 Rise, which is inspired by "Rabanne Invictus" and is created with dizzying notes of live fruit and pulp. Red Code is saturated with seductive and energetic notes, which are more often chosen by charismatic men, and if freedom and summer adventures are your main motivation, we have created STR8 Live True, saturated with a light lavender scent and sea notes.

The brand includes men's care products:

Perfume, post-shave lotion, deodorant spray, shower gel, body scented spray.
You can buy STR8 in chain supermarkets and pharmacy chains, the coverage area of which is growing day by day.