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Canbebe is one of the most successful brands of the Belgian giant Ontex Corporation, whose main goal is to create maximum comfort and simplify the daily routine for mothers and little ones.

Canbebe has gained popularity in the shortest time since its creation, both in the international and Georgian markets. The daily growing awareness of the brand in Georgia is the merit of its official distributor, the company Libogroup, and as a result, Canbebe enjoys a special demand from Georgian parents.

In order to create the ideal diaper, the manufacturers studied the requirements and expectations of the mothers. The ideal diaper should have been created with natural components, without chemical additives that would care for the baby's skin and most importantly protect it from leaks and moisture for a long time.

It was with this idea that Canbebe was created, which is distinguished by high quality and economical price in the market. Ideally protects baby's skin, because its surface is made of natural components, It has fast fluid absorption channels, which provides instant drying for a long time. This is especially important at night to allow little ones to sleep peacefully without anxiety. An orderly sleep routine is a necessary condition for the proper growth and development of a child. In addition, it is important that candies do not contain BPA, perfume or parabens. In addition, it is important that Canbebe does not contain BPA, perfume and parabens. Also, the PH is balanced, which eliminates skin irritation. An example of care is also the soft side barriers of the diaper that do not leave footprints and do not create discomfort.

Libogroup has been the official distributor of Canbebe in Georgia for more than 15 years. As a result of the company's involvement and successful campaigns, Canbebe is a leader in the Georgian market and has maintained a leading position for many years. The products are widely represented in pharmacy chains: PSP, Aversi, Impex, Pharmadepo, GPS, as well as in hypermarkets and supermarkets: Carrefour, Clean House, Nikora, Goodwill. Due to the increased demand of consumers, in order not to delay the delivery and any customer to have access, it is also presented in small markets and outdoor markets throughout Georgia.

Since 2021, with the active involvement of Libogroup, it has covered the Armenian market and, like Georgia, has become a local market leader brand in the shortest possible time.