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Nowadays, using the latest technologies and the idea of care, the best products are created to improve the quality of life, to overcome health problems and to deal with awkward situations such as urinary incontinence. Involuntary urination is a fairly common problem, especially in women and affects a quarter of the adult female. If in women this rate reaches 25%, the risk of its development is much lower in men and here it is found in only 4%.

Studies show that urinary incontinence has an extremely negative effect on our health and reduces our quality of life by 70%. Clinical depression develops in 20% of patients, and anxiety occurs in more than 30%. To solve each problem, you just need to choose the highest quality products created with the best technology, which can easily handle even the most awkward problems. For this purpose, a Canped was created, the urological diaper of which will give you freedom in case of urinary incontinence. Canped is a product of ONTEX, a Belgian industry, which has gained popularity and is in special demand in the shortest time since its creation.

The creators of Canped have taken care to create a product tailored to individual, testable causes and characteristics for incontinence caused by a variety of causes. Therefore, Canped distinguishes several types in its products: Women's and men's urological diapers that repeat the anatomical shape and are therefore easy to use, diapers, diapers superficial, night diapers with more moisture-absorbing effect and diapers for bedridden patients and the elderly.

Canped, as already mentioned, is designed with special technologies, which thanks to the complex structure achieves maximum results for the comfort of each user. The structure of the diaper consists of a top layer that is covered with a soft texture to avoid unpleasant sensations. The liquid-distributing layer beneath it distributes the liquid evenly. And its middle layer, thanks to the suction granules, ensures faster absorption of the liquid and eliminates discomfort. The outer layer is a kind of barrier that protects us from liquid leakage. Finally, it is equipped with a humidity indicator that indicates the time to change the diaper.

Libogroup has been successfully cooperating with the Belgian manufacturer ONTEX for more than 10 years and as a result of this cooperation it has become very popular for people with relevant needs and its active use in cases of incontinence is recommended by doctors in the field of urology.

Nowadays, as much as Libogroup cooperates with all large and medium-sized stores in Georgia, be it supermarkets or pharmacy chains, Canfed products are available throughout Georgia and can be found everywhere, without extra effort, including in online stores and platforms.