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Feel the summer with carroten  with a safe tan and fun summer adventures!

Carroten was founded on the hot islands of Greece in the early 1980s and the brand used carrots as a source of inspiration, which is known for its ability to enhance the skin and its special antioxidant properties. Noteworthy is provitamin A, which strengthens the skin's immune system and effectively protects against ultraviolet radiation. Also, vitamin D is activated only as a result of interaction with the sun.

Thus, Carroten in a carrot-based composition is the first massive tan line, Which has been associated with safe and natural tanning for over 35 years, Which aims to maintain the health and beauty of the skin whenever you are in the sun. Carroten has become a reliable consumer brand since its inception, first in its native Greece, and soon in the international market, including Eastern Europe and Australia, Since 2020, it has appeared in Georgia with a variety of products, the official representative of which is the company Libogroup. It successfully implements both its distribution as well as the brand marketing and PR campaign.

Carroten as, the complete line of tan care is the result of in-house innovative research and an ever-evolving formula. Product formulas are developed by a group of professional scientists, and the ingredients used are certified by laboratory studies by international scientific organizations. It therefore meets all the requirements for safe protection of different skin types and natural tan. Has a restorative and anti-aging effect. Carroten products are suitable for both women and men, as well as children. 4-level enhanced protection system UVB + UVA + VL + IRA protects the skin from redness, burns and various injuries caused by the sun. The baby line is enriched with beta-glucan and provitamin D, which improves the skin's defenses during ultraviolet radiation, which makes it completely safe for little ones to play in the sun.