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melochi zhizni


Trifles are always important, especially if they relate to our home and loving family.

Ukrainian brand Melochi Jizni is the N1 brand of housewives, which fills our daily lives with the necessary trifles, while the kitchen with cleanliness. The brand uses high technologies and raw materials to produce premium quality small kitchen products, grinders, and cleaning products for the kitchen, large parks for household waste and baking accessories, because the kitchen must be always perfectly clean, the house tidy, and each prepared dish - uniquely delicious.

Importantly, the main concept of the brand is care. Customer care makes an inseparable friend of "Melochi Jizni" housewives. The aim of the brand is to present to the customer a wide range of products, economical prices, and high quality of service. Melochi Jizni has been following this principle for years, which means satisfied customers and growing sales data from year to year. The brand combines high durability and capacity parks for household / construction waste; A wide range of kitchen care products in the form of grinding wire, sponge / cloths, and gloves; Baking accessories, with such important products as parchment paper, aluminum foil, meat and fish burner, ready-to-eat food packaging and storage, and many other small items.

"Melochi Zhizni" has been loved and appreciated in Georgia for several years. The housewives estimate that Melochi Jizni really deserves the "right hand status" in the family, which is why Melochi Jizni became the winner of the N1 Golden Brand winner in the home care category twice in a row.

"Melochi Jizni" has been occupying an honorable place in the portfolio of Libo Group for many years and because of successful cooperation, the brand is fully represented in all regions of Georgia with a full range both in large network markets as well as in small markets.