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Pasta Del Capitano


The story of a smile in Italian!
This is how the history of Italian-made, premium quality Pasta Del Capitano since 1905. The creator of whose soul is the Italian pharmacist Clemente Chicarelia, who created a completely new taste and innovation in oral care technology with a family recipe. Hence the brand slogan "From our family to your family", which for more than a century has provided a continuous connection between products made from natural ingredients and consumers. In honor of this story, the portrait of the brand's author, Clemente Chicarelli, is proudly placed on the packaging and advertising materials and signed with the author's phrase "We provide customers with quality products".

Pasta Del Capitano soon became the favorite oral care product of the Italians and with a hundred years of history deserves to maintain leading positions in leading European countries, including Georgia, whose official distributor is Libogroup.

It’s interesting what characteristics PASTA DEL CAPITANO deserves to be a leader not only in Italy but in the whole European market. The brand has given priority to safety. Its composition is absolutely free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfates and other preservatives.

The brand combines 3 lines of toothpaste: daily toothpaste, special care and premium line, also noteworthy is the children's line. In addition, the brand's portfolio includes several types of toothbrushes and concentrated brushes.

It should be noted that this whole series of toothpastes has common positive features: it provides healthy breathing, prevents 99% of bacteria from the first use, does not damage gums and teeth, prevents plaque and stones, protects against caries, has different flavors and tastes, does not contain health Harmful to harmful chemicals.

As for the brushes - the line of family, professional and whitening toothbrushes is noteworthy, which includes soft, hard and medium jogging brushes. Each of them has a tongue cleaner and an airtight cap that ensures the brush stays hygienic.

A special note is the premium line brush. Its style and shape are due to the uniqueness of vintage. Is an exact reproduction of the original version created by Chicarelli in the 60s. The brushes are made of nylon so as not to absorb water and maintain stability for a long time. It has a larger head than the standard, with a stylish handle signed by the author and covered with a plastic cover, which ensures its cleanliness and safety even when traveling. You can choose from blue, black and red collours.

As it has been mentioned many times, the Italian quality speaks for itself about the credibility of the brand. Therefore, PASTA DEL CAPITANO's new oral care line for children, both minors (3+ years old) and adults (6+ years old) should be especially mentioned.

The pleasant berry and variety of fruit flavors are provided to make the oral care routine for children a pleasant process. Baby toothpastes pay special attention to safety and high quality. Its formula contains fluoride salts and calcium for maximum protection against deposits, as well as betaine and turmeric extracts that soothe and maintain healthy gums. Free from all harmful chemicals.

In cooperation with Libo Group, PASTA DEL CAPITANO has entered the Georgian market since 2020. The quality soon conditioned its success in the Georgian market and the brand had many loyal customers. It can be purchased at pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets.