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There are things that help us so much on a daily basis that we can not even understand. It seems logical to have existed silently beside us. Have you counted how many times you have used beautifully wrapped and colorful napkins, scented facial cleansing paper, kitchen paper, even toilet paper and how much discomfort would their absence be in our daily lives ?! It is enough to forget to buy them or not turn out to be of sufficient quality, then the quiet and comfortable chain of our lives is broken.

Ukrainian manufacturer VGP, which produces sanitary and hygienic products under the Ruta brand, is safe and 100% eco-friendly. They work daily to maintain the Ukrainian company's reputation as a European-level leader! Ecologically clean raw materials, the best Italian and German equipment, highly qualified staff - all these factors ensure the positive recognition of Ruta products not only in Ukraine but also in major countries in Europe and Asia.

The mission of the brand is to provide customers with high quality hygiene items for daily needs and to take care of their comfort, to create new values for each person.

Because Ruta cares about the health and environment of consumers, maximum cleanliness is developed during their production process: production is fully autonomous, emission-free and strictly meets hygiene standards.

Ruta's products are currently imported to Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Switzerland, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other East Asian countries, and its turnover is growing daily.
From 2019, Ruta products are already available in Georgia, whose official distributor is Libogroup. As a result of successful work, Ruta products are widely represented throughout Georgia, both in network markets, as well as in individual shops and traditional channels in the district.
The company Libogroup has been successfully operating in Armenia since 2021. As a result of this work, Ruta products are also presented in the Armenian market, and the growing number of sales indicates the high quality and reliability of the product.