Libo Group is a Leading Marketing, Sales and Distribution Company. It carries out the distribution of consumer`s and hygiene products both on the entire territory of Georgia, as well as outside its borders, Company keeps its position in the field of sales since the establishment.  

Libo Group cooperates with various partner companies whose products are the leading brands of the world market. Among these are companies such as: Ontex Global, Sarantis Group, Ergopack, Farmaceutici Dottor Ciccarelli, Henkel, Volyn Global Paper (VGP), Flormar, Holle, Slobozhanski Soap Boyler.

The Company was founded in 2003, when in the country was a difficult and tense situation. Despite these difficulties, the company has been developing from year to year, attracting new brands and reinforcing. Nowadays it is a modern and European type of company that is trusted by the leading brands of the world and Company is their exclusive distributor in Georgia.

Libo Group soon expanded its business area. Despite the slight resources, the young and creative group has achieved great success. Company covered all regions of the country and went overseas as well. Nowadays it carries out successful distribution activities both in Georgia and Armenia.

The Company`s central office and warehouse are presented in Tbilisi. In all major cities operate Company's representative branches. 

Today Libo Group distributes major brands such as "Canbebe" "Canped" "Helen Harper baby" "Ave" "Holle" "Carroten"  "Melochi Djizni" "Novax" "Ruta" "Pasta Del Capitano" "STR8" "Flormar" "NAT" "Luksja" "Morning Fresh" "Biocotton" "Moment" "Voi" "Shik" "Uti-puti" and others.

The company has several times proved to have professionally working skills and stability, which guarantees lifelong  and close relationships with its partners. That is why the Libo Group covers all the leading trading spots in the country - large and medium hypermarkets, pharmacy chains and small shopping areas. For each market allocation, the sales group creates different strategy, encompasses their peculiarities and opportunities that ultimately guarantees effective service and satisfaction.

In Georgia Libo Group represented by a professional, strong and creative team (200 persons), that contributes to the growth and success of the company.