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Sarantis Group


Rarely do we think about how the products we consume on a daily basis are create to be loved and reciprocated by mutual devotion. Often, quality products go a long way in refining and transforming. Sarantis Group is headquartered in Athens and with 50 years of success is an international company that dominates the market in the field of consumer products. Sarantis does not give up leadership among European customers by delivering products throughout Europe through subsidiaries and is also actively exporting to many countries around the world.

The brand has a strategic partnership with more than 25 leading companies that are developing their business together with Sarantis Group. The company's more than 2,600 employees are employed in 4 different factories of the group, which are provided with the strictest quality and safety requirements. The company sells ready-made products at more than 110,000 points of sale, including in Georgia.

In our country, Sarantis cooperating with the distribution & marketing company Libo Group. As a result of this partnership, the best quality European products are available to every consumer of Georgia, One of them is Carroten tan and sunscreen, which was introduced to the Georgian market by "Libo Group" in 2019 and is still very popular.