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What gives life to useless things, or why do we take pleasure in caring for loved ones? What robotics can never really replace is the concept of care. With love everything turns out better and people always feel it.

Ontex is a Belgian company that aims to take care of people and the history of sanitary napkins, which began in 1979 in Belgium, has become a giant corporation in its field, producing high quality products for customers of all ages. The main directions are baby diapers, urological, adult and elderly diapers. The company's factories and offices are represented in Europe, Australia, North and East Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. Its quality, highly effective and affordable products are available in more than 100 countries around the world, including Georgia, where it has been working with the distribution & marketing company Libogroup for years.

As a result of this partnership, Ontex is now represented in Georgia by a number of brands, including Canbebe, Canped and Helenharper, which is available throughout Georgia, in all major retail chains, be it hypermarkets, pharmacy chains or small shops in all parts of the country.

Ontex's partners, be they large trading organizations, institutions or healthcare retailers, know that it will never compromise on quality, so they trust it, creating a successful partnership chain from factory to customer.

Decades of experience in the international business of personal hygiene have shown that the company is focused on the interests of consumers and develops according to its needs. In this process of development, several key lines have been formed based on observations and changes.

Is one of the child care line, which is presented in Georgia in the form of Canbebe and Helen Harper. The brand listened and took note what consumers had to say. The approach helped to create a successful line, with the right decisions, to make the little ones as happy as possible with their parents.

In addition to baby diapers, Ontex focuses on the production of women's hygiene and adult diapers, which is a brand of Canped and Windelhosen and is owned exclusively by the company Libogroup.