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Often dazzling details appear in our lives, we are surrounded by a lot of small things that are made in different parts of the world and create our everyday life, without them our comfort zone simply does not exist.

Ergopack belongs to the list of companies that constantly strive to create value and make life easier for customers.

Ukrainian giant and a worthy representative of the European family, whose activities mainly include the production and distribution of home and personal care products under well-known brands, Melochi Gizni, Novax, Domi, STR8, B.U. Elode and others are widely represented in Europe and the Caucasus.

Ergopak develops, manufactures and distributes high-tech and raw material products in the field of home care, personal hygiene, including perfumes and cosmetics. It should be noted that the quality that Ergopack offers to its customers, be it small perfumes, personal care items or a wide range of home care products, enjoys high quality and reliable status in the customer, which leads to the company's daily growth in the European market.

Ergopack has been in production and on the market for more than 50 years. These years are filled with numerous success stories that speak to how the company manages its operations.One of the clearest examples of this is the cooperation with Sarantis Group, which is constantly expanding its geographical market area and is a leading destination in its field.Today, Ergopak includes more than 10 popular brands in its portfolio:

Melochi Gizni, Domi, Novax, tub.O.flo, Morning Fresh, STR8, Elode, C-thru, B.U. Luksja et al.

The scale of the cooperation is also important. Ergopak successfully cooperates with the representations of almost all the countries of Eastern Europe and provides a continuous chain of product supply. This chain of cooperation in Georgia is provided by the distribution and marketing company "Libogroup", the main goal of which is not only the distribution of products, but also the PR and increase of brand awareness in the portfolio. A clear example of this is "Melochi Jizni" which became the winner of Golden Brand N1 in 2021 and 2022 in its category. As for the coverage, as a result of the cooperation between Ergopak and Libogroup, the products are fully represented throughout Georgia, in large network supermarkets or traditional channels.From 2021, the Armenian branch of Libogroup will provide daily coverage of the Armenian market and its growth and development.